Executive Director Search

The Lamoille Family Center is looking for a new executive director. With an anticipated hiring in spring, 2018, the Family Center is casting a broad net to attract the best candidate. Could this be you, or someone you know?

As a well-respected provider of innovative and high quality services, the Lamoille Family Center is looking for a new leader who is excited about growing the organization’s position as a regional and state leader. The Family Center’s new executive director will bring a diverse skillset and well-hewn abilities related to non-profit leadership, and fiscal and program accountability.

The documents below provide more details about the Lamoille Family Center and the expectations of the new executive director. Please explore this opportunity if you are ready to consider a new professional challenge. The official posting for the position will occur in late December, with resumes and cover letters accepted anytime between January 2 and January 26 2018.

Thank you for your interest.

Job Description
Search Document
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