Videos about LFC

Lamoille Family Center provides supports, services and programs for a variety of populations.  With the support of Riva Reynolds and the Green Mountain Access television, we are developing a library of videos to share our offerings with the community. We hope you enjoy learning more about us, and appreciate your feedback by emailing us at:

Hometown Playgroups Provides a safe environment for children learn to socialize and play cooperatively. Parents enjoy the company of other adults while learning about children’s development and community resources. During the playgroup, parents and kids play games, create art, read books, sing songs, and enjoy healthy snacks.

CIS Early Intervention (Part C) Provides services to families with children up to age three who have a medical diagnosis, a delay, or the high probability of a delay in their development or growth.  Children receive services such as speech, physical and occupational therapy, while parents receive training, counseling and service coordination.

Families Learning Together Offers job-readiness and high school completion programs for pregnant and parenting teens and young adults.  The program includes individualized learning opportunities, on-the job training, on-site counseling and parent education.

Investing in Families – This video is an interview with Scott Johnson, Executive Director at the Lamoille Family Center, by Steve Ames, Regional Coordinator for Lamoille Valley Building Bright Futures.