The Good Enough Parent During a Crisis

with Kimberly Quinn, Ph.D.

June 9, 2020   7:30-9:00 PM via Zoom

No one could have predicted that the bottom would fall out of the world and our lives seemingly overnight . . . Now parents have been laid off, or are still working but from the couch. Schools have been closed down and children sent home to learn “online” without their friends or routines. Now, one day seems to roll right into the next as we navigate this new world of masks, gloves, coolers at the end of the driveway, no structure, and no time (or space) to call our own.

Many parents have been left feeling depleted and defeated . . . as their best just hasn’t seemed to be good enough.

Please join us for a discussion on what it means to be a “good enough” parent during a crisis, and learn some very practical strategies for regaining control and reducing anxious and fear-based thinking . . .

Kimberly Quinn, Ph.D., is an author, educator and parent.  She is also the creator of the podcast “MindCraft.”

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